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The legal term for Divorce in the State of California is Dissolution.  When you file for Divorce in the State of California, you file a Petition for Dissolution.  The State of California does not require fault in order to file for Dissolution, it is a no-fault State.  This means that you can divorce for any reason and that reason cannot be held against you for the Dissolution itself.  Fault is a factor in things like Spousal Support, Child Support and Visitation, which can get complicated and confusing.  The Dissolution process is not an easy one, it is complicated to navigate and requires knowledge of the law and the Court system like Engels-Janzen.

The State of California is a Community Property State, which means that any property, no matter where situated, while acquired during marriage, is presumed to be community property.  That definition is a mouth full and much more complex than each spouse gets 50% of everything.  Community Property is a presumption and there are many factors that input into rebutting that presumption when fighting for Separate Property rights.  When you are fighting over houses, cars, stocks, bonds, retirement, pensions, checking accounts, debts, loans and anything else that you own, you want to make sure you have someone that knows the law and will fight for you like Engels-Janzen.

Often times couples have businesses that were started before marriage, during marriage and even a business partnership with their spouse.  Business valuations and division are complicated and often times requires expert testimony to fully understand the scope and value of the businesses.  Christopher Engels is a business owner, has employees and understands the inner workings of small, medium and large businesses.  With the aid of Engels-Janzen‘s exclusive Accounting and Business Valuation Expert, we can make sure you get all you are entitled to when it comes to Community Property Business Valuations.

When you are in need of a Dissolution, you want someone you can trust, someone that will fight for you, and you will find that here at Engels-Janzen.