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Visitation is one of these most crucial things to non-custodial parents and it must be taken very seriously with precision and skill.  Father’s rights, mother’s rights, even grandparent’s rights, the system isn’t easy to navigate and when it comes to holding your children and enjoying time with them, you need someone there with you to fight for every minute of time.  The time you spend with your children is priceless, don’t let a minute of time go by that you should be with your child, delays in action could cost you precious time with your child.

Has your partner ever threatened to withhold visitation as a tool to get what the want?  Have you ever been threatened that you wouldn’t see your child again?  You are not alone, but don’t wait, don’t believe them and don’t fight without a skilled and aggressive lawyer.  Visitation is encouraged in California and the parent most likely to foster ongoing and continuous visitation is the parent most likely to be the Custodial Parent.  So, don’t fall for the threats, but don’t ignore them either, call Engels-Janzen right away.