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Child Support

The first thing to remember about Child Support is that the money awarded for this support is for the children, not the parents.  This is often lost in the struggles with separating parents, and it is something both sides need to be reminded of when it comes to Child Support.  The children are the innocent parties in any Dissolution or Separation of Partners, so it is imperative that each parent keep this in mind while addressing Child Support.

The State of California makes Child Support mandatory by the State Guideline and if a Court deviates from the Guideline, they first must find the Guideline amount and then must state on the record for any deviation from said Guideline.  It is a high bar to overcome to have Child Support altered from Guideline, but here at Engels-Janzen, we know the good cause that goes into any Child Support deviation.  Keep in mind that deviations can be less or more, it can go either way, but in any event, it must be for the best interest of the child.

You may discover that the County of Orange, Los Angeles or Riverside has taken the case of Child Support.  The Department of Child Support Services knows what they are doing, they know the system, they are the system, and you need someone that knows how they operate.  Engels-Janzen routinely works with DCSS on a regular basis on Child Support cases and can fight for you.  Don’t chance fighting the County on your own, get representation, get good representation, get Engels-Janzen.