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Child Custody

Child Custody is one of the most important aspects of Family Law and one of the most personal issues one can face during a separation.  There are two sides to Child Custody, the Legal Custody and the Physical Custody.  Legal Custody is for the Health, Safety and Welfare of the Child where Physical Custody is whom the child physically spends their time with.  By default, each party is presumed to have 50/50 of each type of Custody, so this subject is extremely important when one party should be the primary parent over the other.

The issue of Child Custody spans Dissolutions and non-married couples.  For non-married couples, the process is called a Paternity Action, even though the issue of paternity may not be an issue.  Whether a Dissolution or a breakup of non-married couples, Child Custody is important, it not only has implications with actual Custody of the child, but also to Child Support allocations.

Domestic Violence is often a component to Child Custody and when physical violence is an issue in your relationship, you need someone that knows Domestic Violence procedures and how they affect Child Custody. Engels-Janzen knows how to navigate through the Domestic Violence process and fight for your children.  The Health, Safety and Welfare of the children is of upmost importance, there is no amount of money that will ever replace the safety of your children.  Rely on someone you trust, rely on Engels-Janzen to protect you and your child.